32nd TwitterIrcGateway



Shell Context



# shell.py
import sys
import clr
import re
import thread
import time
import commands

import Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway
import Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway.AddIns
import Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway.AddIns.Console

from System import *
from System.Threading import Thread, ThreadStart
from System.Diagnostics import Trace
from System.Collections.Generic import *
from Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway import Status, Statuses, User, Users, Utility
from Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway.AddIns import IConfiguration
from Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway.AddIns.Console import ConsoleAddIn, Console, Context
from Misuzilla.Applications.TwitterIrcGateway.AddIns.DLRIntegration import DLRIntegrationAddIn, DLRBasicConfiguration, DLRContextHelper

class ShellContext(Context):
        def Initialize(self):
                self.suffix = Shell.instance()
                self.config = DLRBasicConfiguration(self.CurrentSession, "ShellContext", Dictionary[String,String]({ "Shell": "シェル"}))

        def GetCommands(self):
                dict = Context.GetCommands(self)
                dict["SH"] = "指定したシェルコマンドを実行します。"
                return dict

        def OnUninitialize(self):

        def get_Configurations(self):
                return Array[IConfiguration]([ self.config ])

        # Implementation
        def SH(self, args):
                cmd = args or ""
                self.Console.NotifyMessage("入力されたコマンドは '%s' です。" % cmd)
                out = commands.getoutput(cmd)

class Shell(Object):
        def instance(klass):
                if not hasattr(klass, 'instance_'):
                        klass.instance_ = Shell()
                return klass.instance_
        def __init__(self):
                # 普通の #Console にコンテキストを追加する
                CurrentSession.AddInManager.GetAddIn[ConsoleAddIn]().RegisterContext(DLRContextHelper.Wrap(CurrentSession, "ShellContext", ShellContext), "Shell", "Shell")
                self.config = DLRBasicConfiguration(CurrentSession, "ShellContext", Dictionary[String,String]({ "Shell": "シェル" }))

shell = Shell.instance()


wgetするときは悪いことは言わんから wget -nv にしておけ。

書いてから Shell Context ではなくて、 Command Context だろ、と気づいた。Shell Contextにするパッチ募集中。

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